8 Fastest Characters In The Final Fantasy Franchise

Some of the characters in Final Fantasy who are the fastest and most agile are shown below.

In most RPGs, stats are very important, and Final Fantasy is no different. Stats tell you what a character can do and help you figure out what role each member of your party plays best.

Speed, which is sometimes called Agility or Dexterity, is a very important stat in a lot of Final Fantasy games. Speed usually affects how quickly it is a character’s turn, but it can also affect other stats like Evasion. Here are some of the Final Fantasy characters with the highest Speed stats who are the fastest in the game.

Krile Mayer Baldesion – Final Fantasy 5

In Final Fantasy 5, a character’s stats don’t get better as they level up. Instead, they stay the same from level 1 to 99. The only way to raise stats is to master jobs. Once a character has done that, their stats will get a permanent boost. Since all the characters can do the same jobs, this means that most of them can be the fastest in the group.

But out of the five characters you can control in the game, Krile Mayer Baldesion has the highest base Agility, which means she can move the fastest. With an Agility of 28, Krile is the fastest character in the game, though not by much.

Balthier – Final Fantasy 12

The sky pirate Balthier is the fastest character in Final Fantasy 12. At level 99, his Speed is capped at 38, making him the fastest character in the game. Speed controls how quickly the action bar fills up in Final Fantasy 12, so if Balthier has a high speed, he can get the upper hand when things are close.

Some weapons, like bows, ninja swords, and daggers, also do more damage when you move faster. It also tells how likely a character is to hit with a counterattack, if they have that ability. Balthier is probably the best choice for a player who wants to use these weapons or skills.

Irvine Kinneas – Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8 has a very unique system that doesn’t depend on leveling up to improve a character’s stats. Because of this, a character’s base stats don’t usually change much when they level up. With a Speed of 39 at max level, this makes Irvine the fastest character in the game.

In Final Fantasy 8, the best way to improve your stats isn’t by leveling up, but by junctioning. By connecting the different Guardian Forces that show up in the game, players can boost their characters’ stats in any way they want. Even though this can work for any character, it is most likely that Irvine will have the most Speed.

Locke Cole – Final Fantasy 6

Locke Cole, who calls himself a treasure hunter, is one of many characters in Final Fantasy 6. He is the fastest of all of them, with a Speed stat of 40. Even though magicite can be used to boost stats, there aren’t very many that can be used to boost Speed.



Speed affects how quickly the ATB gauge fills up, so characters who move faster can take their turns more often. Since there aren’t many ways to get faster and stats don’t go up as you level up, Locke’s high Speed can come in handy in a pinch.

Zidane Tribal – Final Fantasy 9

The quick-moving thief Zidane Tribal is, as you might expect, the fastest person in Final Fantasy 9. In this game, stats don’t change much when you just level up, but Zidane’s Speed of 32 still makes him faster than everyone else.

Equipment is a big part of how characters grow because it can boost their stats and teach them new skills. Zidane can use equipment to raise his Speed to the maximum of 50, which not only lets him take his turns faster but also makes his Thievery skill do more damage.

Edge Geraldine – Final Fantasy 4

At level 70, the ninja prince of Eblan has a base Speed of 54, making him a sure bet to be the fastest character in Final Fantasy 4. In 8 Ball Pool, speed not only speeds up the rate at which the ATB gauge fills up, but it also speeds up the rate at which spells are cast. That helps Edge when he uses his different ninjutsu moves.

A unique part of this game is that once a character hits level 70, they will start getting random stat upgrades. Edge’s speed is already very high, so this could mean that it could go up to 99 if he gets very lucky with his growth.

Rikku – Final Fantasy 10

Final Fantasy 10 is completely turn-based, which is different from most other Final Fantasy games. So, Agility doesn’t affect how quickly the ATB gauge moves. Instead, it affects how many turns a character gets. A character with a very high Agility could get more than one turn before an enemy even got one.

Any character might be able to get all of the abilities and stat boosts on the sphere grid, but Rikku’s path on the grid has the most Agility nodes, which will give her an Agility of 60 once she gets all of the Agility nodes on her path. Even though all characters can eventually fill up the whole grid and get the highest Agility score possible, Rikku will be the fastest party member for a long time.

Red XIII – Final Fantasy 7

As in many games, a character’s Dexterity affects how fast their ATB gauge fills up and how well they can avoid physical attacks. Stats in Final Fantasy 7 grow at random, which means that the same character’s stats can change slightly from one playthrough to the next.

Even though this can change what happens in real life, Red XIII should be the fastest character in the game because his Dexterity is usually between 71 and 78. Red XIII is easily the fastest character in the game and one of the fastest characters in the entire franchise because of how high his Dexterity stat is.

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